Our publications on auditing recommender systems.


  1. response2.png
    Response to the European Comission’s consultation on the Digital Services Act transparency database
    Martin Degeling, Anna-Katharina Meßmer, and Julian Jaursh
    Jul 2023
  2. map.png
    Auditing recommender systems. An overview of existing audits, risk assesments and studies on potential VLOPs
    Alexander Hohlfeld
    Mar 2023
  3. hashtags.png
    Algorithmen bei TikTok: wie sich die Hashtags der Plattform verändern
    Martin Degeling
    Mar 2023
  4. auditing.png
    Auditing recommender systems: Putting the DSA into practice with a risk-scenario-based approach
    Anna-Katharina Meßmer, and Martin Degeling
    Feb 2023


  1. response1.png
    Auditing platforms under the DSA: SNV’s consultation response on a draft delegated act
    Anna-Katharina Meßmer, Martin Degeling, and Julian Jaursh
    Jun 2022